Advanced Imaging System (AIS)

The Advanced Imaging System (AIS) is an OBSERV® 520 specific add-on upgrade providing additional functionalities. It consists of both hardware and software components. The AIS set consists of a newly designed ergonomic and rotative chinrest, a set of lateral mirrors and access to exclusive app features.​The AIS exclusive app features will enable you to broaden your treatment range with the multi-angle views and monitor treatment progress that were previously difficult to capture with a frontal view only. The exclusive app features will bring your consultation to the next level!

App feature: Face-Notes

Face-Notes will be of great benefit to any skin professional who wishes to mark and include any skin concern or treatment advice on session pictures directly. In simple steps, skin experts can mark areas of interest by drawing free-form lines, shapes or markers on any session picture and link these to specific skin concerns and treatments. Basic skin concerns and treatments are implemented in default lists which are fully customisable to include treatments and product range offered by the consultant. Further, client specific and expert notes can be added to include any additional remarks relevant the client’s treatment history, use of current medication or treatment or specific wishes that may have an impact.

App feature: Dynamic Reporting

The Dynamic Reporting function offers the possibility to share identified skin concerns, treatment plan, before and after pictures, split view pictures and notes in a fully personalised consultation report with clients or to simply store the data to document treatment progress and outcome.