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If you are an individual wanting to see the results your treatment plan is producing, request Observ with your Skin Clinic.

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What is

The Observ® Skin Diagnostic Device helps you accurately diagnose skin types as well as skin problems residing at the surface or hiding in deeper layers. The skin fluorescence and polarized light illumination technology reveals skin concerns with more clarity and contrast than other conventional skin fluorescence methods. Observ®’s diagnostic capabilities instantly reveals skin conditions allowing for targeted treatment plans to be formalized and enable consistent monitoring throughout the treatment cycle.

In cooperation with Florence Barrett-Hill, one of the world’s foremost pioneers in the field of professional skin analysis and the creator of the Pastiche Method of Advanced Skin Analysis, a comprehensive condition reference guide is provided as part of the Observ® 520 system.

This profound Advanced Skin Analysis system is an essential part of the treatment and product recommendation process and enables you to meet and exceed your client’s needs and expectations.

Many skin conditions that surface in time originate from the deeper skin layers and are difficult to diagnose with the naked eye. The Observ exposes those conditions by skin fluorescence and polarized light illumination technologies that are completely unique to the Observ device. The portability coupled with iPad integration makes Observ easy to transport and ensures you’re not hindered by location restrictions. Now, no matter where you are, you can instantly reveal skin conditions, create awareness, propose your client targeted treatment programs, and monitor their progress. 

Clinics adopting the Observ device have seen a 30% increase in retail purchases within the first 3 months of use*. Thanks to the end-consumer being able to monitor and actually see their progress, clinics often experience a marked increase in customer loyalty.

Why Observ?


Benefits of Observ

  • The device is small and portable allowing for easy transportation
  • Observ uses parallel polarized light (completely unique to Observ)
  • The system offers iPad integration. Other systems require a computer. Observ is the only skin diagnostic system of its kind that offers iPad integration making it portable and easy to use.
  • Allows easily diagnosis of skin conditions
  • Increases your treatment and product sell-out
  • Augments your client satisfaction and loyalty
  • Enhances your client attraction
  • Shows progress to your client
  • Supports your expertise and professionalism
  • Develops more effective skin treatment plans
  • Comes with Training & Support
  • Multiple accessories are available for ease-of-use and added precision

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