Skin Fluorescence Technology

The Observ® Skin Diagnostic Device works on the principle of skin fluorescence. Observ® is equipped with a unique patent pending technology which reveals skin fluorescence by exposing the skin with a low dose of UV rays. The UV intensity is just a fraction of natural sunlight and up to 3 times less than a conventional Wood’s lamp.

You will notice that, thanks to the unique technology, Observ® reveals skin conditions with unparalleled clarity and contrast. The cells within the human skin emit visible light in a wholly unique way. This allows skin conditions to easily be identified by the unique colours and patterns that fluoresce when exposed to the true UV ray (as seen below).

Light Sources

Clinical Evaluation
​The skin as seen in a controlled natural daylight environment. This feature is perfect for before and after photographs.

Show the Surface Texture
​An enhanced view of the skin’s surface; fine lines, microrelief, wrinkles, texture, and pores.

Look into the Skin
This function is used to look into the skin in more depth. With the skin’s surface shine suppressed, it is possible to view many of the dermal structures, vascular conditions, inflammation, and pigmentation residing beneath the outer epidermis. Perfect for showing vascularity below the skin surface.

Fluorescence Skin Analysis
Skin abnormalities on the skin’s surface or in deeper skin layers create distinguishable fluorescence patterns and stand out from surrounding healthy skin. This mode is also used to track the health of sebaceous secretions, as the colour of these secretions is a powerful diagnostic tool.

A Modernized Classic
The light dermatologists and skin therapist are familiar with. By adjusting the spectrum, the distribution of skin secretions is revealed in colour.

Irregularities Revealed
The complexion analysis reveals inhomogeneities in skin tone, pigmentation irregularities, and irritations. A homogenous complexion is the fundament of beautiful skin.

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